We can't get enough of Bali.

      This will be our fourth trip to Bali and it's no mystery why.  In addition to the lush tropical landscape, Bali has gorgeous beaches, mountains, volcanoes, unparalleled scuba diving and lively towns where you can find world-class yoga, amazing food, and endless opportunities for adventure.  


Why choose between rice terraces and beach vibes?

This time you can spend up to 8 weeks, splitting your time between the art and cultural center of Ubud, and the surf and sunsets of trendy Canggu.  With coworking spaces in both towns, we’ll make sure you’re connected and productive no matter where you spend your days.

Bali is the place where you really can have it all.



Connect with entrepreneurs, learn to surf or scuba dive, hike a volcano, and chase enlightenment.

People have been flocking to Bali for years now. Maybe it's Eat, Pray, Love or maybe it's the smoothie bowls. Magic ingredients combine to create an unparalleled quality of life here for the current or aspiring digital nomad.

The startup community is strong in Bali and there's always a workshop, meetup, or mastermind happening so get ready to tap into some serious inspiration!   You'll have plenty of opportunities to meet other professionals, attend events geared toward entrepreneurs, develop a new skill, do yoga, meditate, and catch some epic waves. 

Is adventure your thing? Try hiking an active volcano at 2 A.M. for #sunrisegoals, trekking up and down waterfalls, kayaking through mangrove forests, dive into an underwater world, or explore quiet island towns in this beautiful nature-lover's paradise.


Have a more authentic and impactful travel experience with us.

We aren't just privileged travelers heading to places our dollar goes furthest.  On every trip we work to connect with, lend our skills to, and make partnerships with local organizations and NGOs so we leave this place better than we found it.  We'll tour the famous eco-focused Green School, lend a hand in fighting the littler problem, and even meet rescue puppies. 

If you have a cause that’s especially close to your heart, let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you with the right organization to lend a few hours of time.

Hiking Mt. Batur 2019

Experience parts of Bali the Instagrammers miss.

By now we’ve all seen the same Instagram shots of Bali a million times - the bird’s nest, the swing, the pink walls and smoothie bowls. If that’s what brings you to Bali, it’s all here - but we encourage you to look beyond the highlight reel and see, experience, meet, and connect with parts of this island and its people that live outside the frame. The Balinese culture is rich in history, tradition, and festivities, and we make a point to participate in as much as possible. We have many local friends, we invest in the community, get invited to Balinese weddings, and throw ourselves into the magic and sensory overload of endless ceremonies in villages.

If you’re looking for a window into what life in Bali is like for locals (while still enjoying a Bintang and a smoothie bowl), this is the trip for you.


Where We'll Live

Ubud Villa 2018

Ditch the hostel life.

We're all adults here with a job to do - we need to be comfortable to be productive.  That's why we only arrange comfortable, private living spaces for all participants, close to the action of town, but in quiet areas for maxin' and relaxin'.  You'll have a bedroom, bathroom, and daily housekeeping, as well as perks like having the pool right outside your door!  Our beautiful Balinese villa in Ubud even has a spa onsite for relieving that mid-afternoon stress. Traveling slow with us means getting to settle in, unpack, and unwind in your own private oasis.


Where We'll Work

Become a pro at productivity.

While you're totally free to work poolside at the villa, we know you want an awesome office too.  Our coworking partner has the coolest workspaces in Bali with bright rooms, lightning-fast wifi, private Skype booths, and all the networking activities, talks, and perks you can handle.  They even have free (gasp!) weekly massage days!   The spaces are open 24 hours so you can be productive even if you're working around time zones.  These offices will help you be more productive than ever (between surf days and volcano hikes of course).  

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What This Trip Includes

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What It Costs



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