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Michele DiLisio

Founder & Master Planner

Michele has spent the last decade traveling the world and coordinating travel and logistics for thousands of clients including Microsoft, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and Deloitte. She ditched the desk job, started traveling full-time, and quickly discovered a need for a new perspective which focused on better planning, a more encouraging and inspiring community, and a female-led team. PACK was born from a love of travel, a desire for more than the 'white picket fence', and a passion for authentic, immersive experiences that push the boundaries of participants' personal and professional lives. 

When she's not traveling, Michele can be found petting ALL the dogs,  breaking a sweat in Crossfit class, playing obscure board games, and bestowing her judgment upon new restaurants.

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Carmen Van Der Westhuizen

Facilitator. Explorer. Creative.

Carmen is a passionate 26 year old from South Africa who loves how travel and meeting new people along the way molds you and brings out traits you never knew you had. She first joined us in Bali and decided she never wanted to leave.  Carmen has embraced the full-time traveler's lifestyle and is currently working on her travel blog, expanding her photographic skill set and learning from the people she meets along the way.

If she could spend every second of the day outdoors she would, chasing sunrises and sunsets, hiking, being in the ocean and trying anything that pushes her mentally and physically. She also has a strong passion for some calmer activities including reading and writing, personal development, cultural immersion and getting lost in new places.

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