Taste Tuscany with us.

 We’re sure we don’t have to sell you on the beauty of Tuscany. The entire region is postcard-worthy views, rolling hills, fabulous architecture, and everything from bustling cities to sleepy towns. It’s a place of romance, tranquility, inspiration. The perfect backdrop for meeting your new worldwide family and focusing on a current or future project.

We’re doing something a little different this time. Our inaugural trip to Tuscany is designed to be a chance for us busy nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to reset and refocus. Gather around a family-style meal set in a centuries old building, breathe in the fresh air surrounded by acres of vineyard and farmland, spend the afternoon writing on a sun-drenched patio with nothing to distract you but the cool breeze and the sound of nature (and maybe the chef calling you to dinner). This will be a truly spectacular and exclusive experience and we can’t wait to share it with you.

tuscany 1.jpg

The setting

For this special retreat, we’ll be gathering in an 18th century villa set on 300 acres in the hills just outside Florence. As usual, everyone will have a private room and bathroom, and access to the entire sprawling property complete with swimming pool, barbecue area, hiking trails, and infinite corners for relaxation and inspiration.

Each day we’ll work, discuss goals over glasses of local wine, and participate in special workshops designed to engage our most creative sides. Each night our private chef will prepare a family-style meal crafted from the finest local ingredients available. Our gorgeous villa will be home to our little family as we share stories, meals, and explore all the delights this region has to offer.

The program

Since we’re here for a reset and refocus, we have a few special surprises in store for you in Tuscany. You will of course have everything we include in our other retreats (private room, good wifi, airport pickup, full-time facilitators, and an amazing community), but it doesn’t stop there. Here are just a few of the awesome things we’ll be including in the 10-day Tuscany trip:

  • A private chef preparing daily family-style dinners as we watch the sun set over the Tuscan hillside

  • Workshops focused on creativity, productivity, and self-discovery

  • A bottle of local Tuscan wine to toast your arrival

  • Day trip to Florence to explore the city

  • Morning workouts and afternoon yoga and meditation


Join this retreat if you:

  • Work a 9-5 and want a break from your routine

  • Are a freelancer or entrepreneur looking for a little “digital detox”

  • An aspiring digital nomad (this is a great way to try it out!)

  • Want to see what it’s like to travel with a group of professionals

  • Have always wanted to live in a Tuscan castle

  • Can’t wait to meet people from all over the world and get those creative juices (and vino) flowing!

Don’t join this retreat if:

  • You have no FOMO and would rather stay home 😉

What’s Included:


Dates: June 8-18, 2019

Cost: $2,500

*This retreat is limited to 12 participants - apply now to reserve your spot!*